Stepping up to the plate (Globe and Mail)
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Stepping up to the plate (Globe and Mail) A note: Writers of Facts and Arguments essays (and, from what I’ve read, the writers of other commentary and op-ed pieces) don’t necessarily get to choose the titles of their articles. The print edition of this piece was entitled “Stepping up to the plate” which I prefer.   Continue reading

The river moves fast (Utrikesperspektiv print edition only, in Lund)
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The river moves fast (Utrikesperspektiv print edition only, in Lund)

The Ganges River. The mere mention of the name conjures up a colourful conglomeration of images in the eye of the imagination. Divine fervour, meditative worship, and a gathering point for all that is venerable; combined in an intoxicating mysticism that borders on surreal. This is the quintessential locale for the spiritual and the transcendental. … Continue reading

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Wasted (Utrikesperspektiv in Lund) It is early morning in the Ecuadorian jungle, nestled near the equator in the Yasuní Biosphere Reserve . The sky is beginning to glow a brilliant shade of pink as the first rays of sun stretch across the rainforest canopy. A heavy humidity in the air from the previous night’s rainfall lifts slowly, and … Continue reading