This week, in three paragraphs


WeeklyReview-Birds-SJRHarper’s Weekly Review



2 thoughts on “This week, in three paragraphs

  1. Thanks, Sharon ,

    Not too sure what I have received . Your whole library of essays or an announcement that you are now published in Harpers weekly review. If the latter, congratulations . If the former, what a fabulous collection you have amassed at such a young age . It seems you have finally found a key to your own secret garden .

    If so, tend it well and grow even more varieties of produce and decorous plantings.

    Hope you build a growing readership and become successful at what you wish. (IF that’s the goal)

    Do i have to be proactive to get more of your Harpers Magazine articles or am I on some sort of auto mailing list?

    Pardon an old man’s confusion in the midst of a changing world. But be sure of his admiration for your unique lifestyle and enterprising endeavours.

    Much love, Y. A. Grandfather


  2. Sharon,
    How wonderful to see your name and read your “this week in review”. I’ve long admired your talents including writing. Feel free to email when convenient. Wishing you continue insight and success In your pursuits.

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